Tuesday, January 25, 2011

By Dawn

There is something about taking a walk in the morning - the quiet of the streets, the cold air, the soft light. During this time of year, I have often been struck by the fog that lays right on top of the school field near our house. Fog isn't like this on the East Coast, where I grew up. Or perhaps I was too young to care...

White Pea Soup in a Soccer Field bowl. Frankly, I think it is weird that it settles just like that. I remember telling my daughter once that fog really is just a cloud that sank to the earth. She seemed bemused by this.

This morning, the fog was there again.

Pippin was patient enough (5 seconds - hey, that's a long time for a dog like him) to let me take a picture.

We walked along the streets, taking in the morning air. I wasn't quite sure if the time of the morning was still considered "dawn". I was looking for the colors that I associate with the early morning. It turned out that I was looking the wrong way. As soon as I looked behind me, I saw pink.

I also saw the orange glow of the morning sun. Forgetting caution, I looked at it and took a picture.

I walked home, ready to start my day. My plan for now is to make my morning walks a habit. I am not good at making habits; however, I am sure that if I slack, Pippin will remind me.