Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I've already told my husband that I am not going to do anything today that seems like work.

So I am watching Bones and Angela advises the Psychologist turned Chef: "You are really gonna have to learn to enjoy things, just the way they are." Perhaps a new life motto?

I am still bummed that I can't upload any pictures...It is a gloriously rainy day today, and I think it would be nice to share some photos of the rain in the backyard.

Update: Jan. 3, 2011
I tried using Flickr to post my pictures. Excuse my language, but their size sucks:

I am going to try putting these pictures onto my Netbook and try posting them again tomorrow (Jan. 4) Boo for me.

Update Jan.4, 2011: I figured out how to upload my pictures onto my Netbook from my IPhone. Duh.

sigh. That's better.