Friday, January 28, 2011

Desperation Lunch

Okay, I'll admit it. Since my daughter started homeschooling, I haven't kept "lunch items" on my grocery list. I usually double my dinner recipes so that there are enough leftovers for my husband's lunch. Whatever is leftover from that, the kids and I will eat for lunch. For those times that the kids didn't like last night's dinner, I will buy Chef Boyardee pasta. In a pinch, I can whip up grilled cheese (or any type of hot) sandwiches or fried rice when they want something hot; chicken sandwiches for when they want something fast. Easy peasy and fast - that is how I like to operate.

This weekend, however, I didn't restock the cans of Chef Boyardee because I *thought* I had a couple cans of tuna for sandwiches and the Tuna Helper that I have in the cupboard. Oops.

So I went into desperation meal mode. Thank goodness they both like fruit and peanut butter, with a side of crackers.