Saturday, January 29, 2011

Of Bat Ears and Taco Night

Pippin has bat ears. He also has a very expressive face, which my husband finds irresistible.

He likes to cuddle up next to the heater, on the couch, in his bed, inside a blanket, on a warm lap. He's a funny little dog.

Like all dogs, he likes to eat. His favorite times of the day (next to his outdoor times) is lunch and dinner. His favorite place to camp out is next to my son's chair, where he *knows* he can snack up on all the yummy food droppings. Tonight (Taco Night) was no different. The ground beef, the tomatoes, the cheese, and the fact that my little boy has serious trouble keeping it all together make Taco Night the best night for him.

Today, I found a way to make Taco Night a good night for us, too.

I wanted to find another recipe that included tortillas because we always have extras. I usually make breakfast burritos the morning after, but this time, I wanted to try something different. I found a great tortilla recipe called Apple Enchiladas from Hmmmm apples, cinnamon, and sounded interesting and the ingredients promised a wonderful smell.

My family loved it. My daughter said, "I think this is the best dessert you have ever made mommy. Thank you!"

I would've taken a picture of the dish, but we don't have any left. I guess this one is a keeper.