Saturday, January 8, 2011

Water, Pompom, and the Max-Factor

We've had a leaky faucet knob in our bathtub for the past few months. Only lately has it grown to the point where I actually thought that it was possible that it could flood our bathroom, or at the very least, make a very BIG mess. It wasn't spewing exactly, but I had to admit that the water could be described as "gushing" instead of "trickling". GAH! I had to fix it and I was determined not to have to hire someone to do it.

I found the water main:

Then I unscrewed the knob:

and took pictures to Home Depot so someone could help me find the right part.

When I got home, my husband pulled out the inner device and replaced it with the part I purchased from Home Depot.

Now it works like a dream - pulls out like buttah!

I also gave my Pom, Lucy, a much needed bath.

Look how pretty she looks after her grooming:

After lunch, I dropped off books at the local Book Den, and scored on a bag-o-books because they were also have a book sale. Woohoo!!

My daughter's friend, Max, also had his birthday party today. He turned 9. He wore the Goomba hat and sweater that I made him for Christmas.

What a busy day!