Monday, January 3, 2011

Of Squitting and Mr. Mustachio

My son is a ham. My husband calls him Mr. Mustachio. It's obvious why, although I wonder if there is another name for the shape around his mouth created by whatever he eats for dessert...

Today, I went out for my first walk of the year. My homeschooling friends and I decided that we would do this every Monday and Wednesday...I am thinking that one day would work best for me. Looking at my daughter's calendar, Wednesdays may be too much with her workshops and her other work.

Despite the cold, I put on my sneakers and off I went with Pippin. It was fun. He loves walks and I was so happy to be able to take him along. I decided against taking Lucy because she is not fond of walks, and I didn't know how far we would be going. She drags whenever I take her around the block. Ugh. So I figured both of us would be happier if she just stayed home with my kids and my husband in our nice comfy house.

I told my two friends about my yearlong project and they happily agreed to be subjects of my camera.

My husband and I also took down our Christmas decorations. I am a little sad that it only took me a few minutes to do so, after all the time we took to put them up. I took a picture of the tree before it went back into the box:

My husband and I also played Dominion, his new favorite game. I used a randomizer application on my IPhone to choose the cards we would play. I found three cards that worked well together: Workshop, Feast, and Mine. If you play Dominion that you totally know what I am talking about. If you don't, come on over and let's play! It's easy, I promise.

Oh, the Squitting. No, not a typo. It's an exercise that I started doing yesterday when I couldn't decide between exercising and knitting. I know, hard choice, right? So I decided to do both. I knit while I did squats. Squitting. You should try it sometime...