Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yummy Yucky

One of the books I picked up yesterday is called Yummy Yucky (a board book for my son). Each page lists something yummy (i.e cookies) and something Yucky on the opposite page (i.e. stinky socks). So today, I am going to write things that are Yucky and Yummy to me.


My children reading together is Yummy:

My children fighting is Yucky.

A warm Swiss and Spinach bagel with Lox cream cheese is Yummy

A cold blueberry bagel with Lox cream cheese is Yucky (believe me, I've tried it - blech!)

Mom's cave window this afternoon is Yummy:

Mom's cave window this morning is Yucky:

The kitchen window this afternoon is yummy.

The kitchen window this morning is Yucky:
(as are pictures of same window coming out too dark-aaaargh)

Cold and dreary days are Yucky.

Beautiful sunny days at the park are so very yummy.

Unhappy kids are Yucky.

Active and happy (albeit chilly) kids playing at the park are truly yummy.

This post is dedicated to my Very Yummy children.